The Iler Family homestead near Gales Creek, Oregon

As multi-generational Oregonians, Crocker Family Spirits is dedicated to maintaining the integrity and health of our land. Not only do we work on our land, we live on and love it. We take our inspiration from our family, including the Ilers. Like many trailblazing families of early Oregon, the Iler’s settled in the Willamette Valley in the 1840s.

Our Story

Crocker Family Spirits is family owned and operated, with a focus on offering a hand-crafted spirit a bit out of the ordinary. Iler Crossing is distilled in Bend, Oregon by Sun Spirits. We are dedicated to overseeing the production of Iler Crossing from beginning to end. We grow, process and supply the locally grown sunchoke, ensuring the highest quality product. Sunchoke is a drought-resistant, low impact crop, making it an ideal choice for sustainable agriculture. Our goal is to maintain sustainable agriculture practices, while creating unique and flavorful spirits for your enjoyment.
A native to North America, sunchoke or Jerusalem artichoke is a true sunflower and imparts hints of toasted sunflower seeds.

The Iler Crossing Label

Crocker Family Spirits has the good fortune to work with with the amazing artist Kailee McMurran of Design By Goats, in Portland. She truly captured the scenery of our farm locale for the custom label artwork. She’s the best!